Imagine there is a global pandemic and nobody is participating because everybody is at home producing awesome beats with their new pack Serum Drum&Bass Presets by LAUT-Samples.

The skilled shamans of LAUT have dug up the hatchet to go to war with the abundance of useless and overpriced Presets. Many of the worlds leading producers of any genre are using the renowned synthesizer Serum for their productions. With Serum Drum&Bass Presets you could soon be one of them. As usual LAUT only used the best of everything to bring you a fresh collection of healing herbs for desperate times. That is a brand promise!

To create Serum Drum&Bass Presets LAUT started with 30 basses inspired by the tribal throat singing abilities of ancient Drum&Bass predecessors in their cave clubs. After that they slowly added 25 hypnotic drums used to awaken your inner dance animal. Let it simmer for about half an hour just to finish off with 17 delicately hand-picked sounds. Add salt and pepper. Et voilà, the antidote for lacklustre music. Everything fully LAUT, of course. So your studio will never be quiet again.

(For maximum use please invoke the holy spirits of DnB three times and dance around the studio.)

Included Presets:

30 Bass Presets // 25 Drum Presets // 6 FX Presets // 6 Lead Presets // 5 Pad Presets // 4 Pluck Presets // 4 Sequence Presets// 80 Presets All

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