Producer Sounds #1 // ART1FACT


We acknowldge that our team members are not the only ones who dedicated their lives to the mighty god of LAUTness and noise. Therefore we arranged for other producers to contribute to our neverending mission. Bringing the maximum volume to all disciples of bass driven beats.

Our first collaborator is a grandmaster of this noisy cult: the beatsmashing ART1FACT. The berlin based producer is best known for his various releases on labels like Hanzom Music, Renegade Hardware or Bad Taste. Some of you might have seen his YouTube tutorials or even joined his Patreon. Here he delivers delightfully humorous content all around the topic of producing massive DnB hits.

For the sample pack Producer Sounds #1 // ART1FACT he created an enormous collection of 150 sounds. 50 FX sounds, 50 Bass Shots, 50 Drum Shots: all LAUT af.

LAUT guarantees that all included samples will be of use. No extra money for unnecessary gimmicks. We promise that you will always find the perfect sample for your individual sound. LAUTs philosphy is maximum volume with minimal cost. Your studio will never be quiet again!


164 MB
24 bit samples
172-175 BPM
  • 50 Bass Sounds
  • 50 FX Sounds
  • 50 Drum Shots
  • 150 All


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