Winter is coming. And by experience we know that nothing warms you up more, than a cup of boiling hot RAVE. And since we at LAUT are all about caring and coziness, we prepared the ultimate Sample Pack for all you freezing Ravers out there.

If you enjoy the music of Murdock, Tantrum Desire or The Prototypes, you will be more than pleased with these essential samples.

For our newest sample pack RAVE BASS, we prepared the usual amount of 129 sounds. 63 Bass sounds, 16 FX sound , 50 Synth sounds all LAUT af – and with an extra amount of raveness.

LAUT guarantees that all included samples will be of use. No extra money for unnecessary gimmicks. We promise that you will always find the perfect sample for your individual sound. LAUTs philosphy is maximum volume with minimal cost. Your studio will never be quiet again!

179 MB MB
24 bit samples
172-175 BPM
  • 63 Bass Sounds
  • 16 FX
  • 50 Synths
  • 129 All



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