Producer Sounds #2 // BRAIN

Aaaaand we are back! After a few weeks of summer related silence, it is time to get LAUT
again. To kick off this new phase in LAUT history we have prepared a very special treat for
you. Colombian Drum and Bass veteran BRAIN is the latest addition to the LAUT pantheon of
creators. Connected in our shared belief in maximum LAUTness, he will provide smashing
samples for the musically starving masses.

BRAIN has been an active part of the international Drum and Bass scene for more than 12
years. As a founder of ID Bogotá Music and RE.SET Audio he helped to shape the persistently
growing bass hungry community of Colombia, making it the leading DnB provider in South
America. BRAIN himself gathered an impressive amount of onstage Experience, all over the
world. (He did two insane tours through Europe!) At the same time, he is receiving
international praise for the various releases he dropped with some of the most influential
labels in the UK.

LAUT is grateful to help spreading BRAINs expertise on conducting voluminous Bangers to
your studios, bedrooms, garages, attics and obviously: dancefloors. As usual we are on the
mission to support your journey towards an equally productive and creative career.

For the sample pack Producer Sounds #2 // BRAIN, he created an tremendous collection of
150 sounds. 50 FX sounds, 50 Bass Shots, 50 Drum Shots: all LAUT af.

LAUT guarantees that all included samples will be of use. No extra money for unnecessary
gimmicks. We promise that you will always find the perfect sample for your individual sound.
LAUTs philosphy is maximum volume with minimal cost. Your studio will never be quiet

181 MB
24 bit samples
172-175 BPM
  • 28 Bass Loops
  • 38 Synths & FX
  • 63 Drum Shots & Loops


  • 35 Bass Serum Presets
  • 10 Drone Serum Presets
  • 10 Pad Serum Presets


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