Ahoy to all electronic sailors out there, with a fondness for minimal DnB but maximum volume. The guys of LAUT are back. With “Into the Deep” they are bringing a fresh delivery of samples ashore, so deep that you ́ll need diving equipment. Every bass is wavy like a tsunami, every drum as hard as a hydrogen bomb. 

If you are digging the music of producers like Enei Arkaik QZB or Waeys, then you came to the right place. With the included samples it will get oddly atmospheric, drippingly deep and LAUT as usual in your studio. But enough of the moist metaphors, come aboard of the Lautilus and let us dive “Into the Deep”. 

LAUT guarantees that all of the 100 included samples will be of use. That means no extra money for unnecessary gimmicks. Additionally they wrote the key note into the file name so that you will always find the perfect sample for your personal sound. LAUT ́s philosophy promises to reach the maximum volume with your production. Your studio will never be quiet again. 

61,3 MB
24 bit samples
172 BPM
  • 25 Kicks
  • 25 Snares
  • 25 Perc Breaks
  • 26 Top Loops
  • 7 Rides (Bonus) 
  • 119 All


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