The LAUT-Team presents their latest sample package “Neuron” which marks the third time they deliver their noise into people ́s lives. Soundwise the whole thing defines itself somewhere between the dentist office and your uncle ́s dirty garage. Your productions will get drilled, hammered and screwed. Or to say it with the words of a leading LAUT-Collaborator: “It ́s this rough and evil sound, like chain saws and shit!”. 

If hearing names like Teddy Killerz, Neonlight, Gydra or The Upbeats gets you wildly euphoric, while you neurotransmitters are ecstatically dancing to the flashing lights of the stroboscope, then LAUT developed “Neuron” especially for you. 

LAUT guarantees that all of the 100 included samples will be of use. That means no extra money for unnecessary gimmicks. Additionally they wrote the key note into the file name so that you will always find the perfect sample for your personal sound. LAUT ́s philosophy promises to reach the maximum volume with your production. Your studio will never be quiet again. 

40 MB
24 bit samples
172 BPM
  • 25 Kicks
  • 25 Snares
  • 25 Top Loops
  • 35 Breaks
  • 110 All



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