We are the loyal servants of our basscraving community. (Does DnB tick all the boxes to be
considered a cult? Nevermind, I am drifting off)

A while ago we asked our community which sample pack, we should drop next. The majority
was virtually screaming JUMP UP. And since we didnt come up with a better name, we
called it Jump Up Pack. But dont be fooled, my rhythmic disciples. This special pack is filled
with everything that LAUT has to offer. We accept the usual payments or the soul of your
firstborn child. All hail the LAUTness. (Okay, Ill stop now.)

If the music of artists like Kanine, Mr. Traumatic or Replicant makes you a true believer, you
will be more than satisfied with the JUMP UP PACK by LAUTSamples. Promise.
For our newest sample pack RAVE, we prepared the usual amount of 242 sounds. 30 FX
sounds, 100 Bass Sounds, 112 Drum Shots & Loops: all LAUT af.

LAUT guarantees that all included samples will be of use. No extra money for unnecessary
gimmicks. We promise that you will always find the perfect sample for your individual
sound. LAUTs philosphy is maximum volume with minimal cost. Your studio will never be
quiet again!

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